Ideal End review

Saturday March 7, Cyprus Avenue. 


Saturday March 7, Cyprus Avenue. 

Arriving in Cyprus avenue just minutes before Ideal Ends final gig it was surprising to find such a small crowd of eight. Over the next 40 minutes the crowd built up until eventually the band decided to get on stage. After just a short sound check the band lifted off with their first song “Sleep Tonight”.

Made up of a singer, drums, guitarist and bass guitarist this four part rock band have been described as playing styles from all out alternative rock in songs “Whatever Gets You” and “Lay It Down” to a more reflective style in “Left Behind”. 

Keith Hynes stepped in as guest bass guitarist on the night, with every note in tune and on time he played as if he had been in the band for years. Being called up to the stage to fill the room the small crowd laughed and sang along with the band. Made up of close family and friends the crowd were enthusiastic and shouted requests for more.

The gig continued with songs  “Who’s to blame” and “Bruised Elbows”. One of the later songs “Left Behind” was dedicated to Kieran a fan that had made it too every single one of their gigs. Having been together for almost ten years the band members shared the good times and the bad times with fans and played a mix of songs from their latest song “The Fom” to their classics. Kieran Lynch the groups ex guitar player described by band members as “both the worst and the best guitar player” joined the group for one final song and played like he had never been away.

Singer Gavin held his note for all the songs and showed great skill and it was easy to tell that each song meant something special to him. Briefly losing his words during “The Hay” when a “crazy dancing lady” distracted him he quickly regained composure and continued on like nothing had ever happened.

Nearing the end the band thanked the McGowan parents for “putting up with the noise for all the years” and thanked their fans for making it to their final gig. After the gig the band greeted fans and talked about their hopes for their future including starting new music projects and traveling around the world. The crowd may have been small but all in all this final gig showed years of practice and skill and after ten years it was an Ideal End.


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