App Review – Fish Bowl Racer

Today’s App review is Fish Bowl Racer by Donut Games.

Being a fan of other Donut Games games – Rat on a Skateboard and Rat on a Snowboard I didn’t think twice about downloading their newest App Fish Bowl Racer. This App is very challenging and the same of it is to successfully manage to jump over objects, catch fish food and at the same time keep the fish alive. I do like this game but it challenges me a lot. It is a two finger game. One finger controls the bowl the other the cart and you have to get the timing right to be able to get everything in sync this has admittedly resulted in a lot of OHHHH NOOOOO moments for me but in the end it is like their other games very addictive and a lot of fun.

Best of all the App is free and can be downloaded from here.


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