App Review – Sonic CD

Today’s App Review is Sonic CD by Sega.

I grew up playing Sonic games so was excited to learn that there an App for this and despite the quite expensive cost of 4.49 went out and bought it. The game is just as I remembered, the levels and graphics and gameplay were identical so I was happy to discover that. However, I did find that the game moves too fast which for a touch screen results in either my fingers falling over each other or feeling sick. I think the game would be improved if it moved that tiny bit slower. The game is there and it may work for some but a couple of plays and I was done i just couldn’t get a hang of it. I never had problems with the Nintendo or iPod Nano versions I think this one just needs tweaking

So if you want to try it out it does cost 4.49 and you can download it from HERE

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