App Review – Strata 3D SE

Today’s App Review is Strata 3D SE by Corastar. It’s been a while so today it’s time for another Mac App review. This time Strata 3D SE. This App always kept catching my eye when I saw it in the App store so last summer I decided to give it a go. I was particularly interested in the 3D text feature. The first purchase and download didn’t go so well and the program kept crashing upon opening. Thankfully iTunes understood and gave me a refund.

I always wanted to give it another go and when others reported issues as being fixed I decided it was time for a second chance. Second time round I was much luckier and the App now works. The features are what you expect and there are many options to build 3D objects and texts as well as use pre-made ones. Being a newbie to 3D I didn’t find the program very intuitive and did end up relying on YouTube tutorials to get me started. Corastar do offer tutorials but you have to pay. I did a few bits and did get my 3D text in the end and was quite proud of myself. All in all I think that although I really liked what I saw this program is for me a bit too complicated for what it does and I have managed to produce better results with easier to use software or even iOS Apps.

If 3D is what your after though and if you have $50 to spare you can always give it a go HERE

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