It Works! body wraps review

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? Over the past six months or so I have seen a lot of people advertising and trying wraps by It Works! They can be used on any part of the body and you can use inches if done right.

I finally decided to give them a go last week and got one from a friend  (link below) who is an ambassador for them selling their products.

Given the directions it was pretty easy to use. The first time round it is advised to only leave the wrap on for about 45 minutes. This I suppose it to avoid any possible negative reactions although I experienced none. I left it on about 10 minutes longer because I lost track of time. The wrap itself was not an unpleasant experience there was gel on it and it was quite big so was perfect to cover the stomach area. I guess it could be cut if you wanted to split it into pieces for smaller areas. It was covered in gel which smelled quite nice. I was warned to expect a tingly feeling that others experienced but instead of found my stomach feeling very very cold but upon googling this is apparently very normal too.

After the time was up I just took it off and rubbed in the gel as instructed. The tough job came next and it was the task of drinking half my body weight in water. Don’t worry not in kgs or lbs it worked out at being just under 2 litres. However, I am not a big water drinker so I was not looking forward to this bit but I ended up pacing myself and knocking back a glass every 40 minutes or so throughout the afternoon (so as to not be up all night!)

The drinking process had to be continued over the next 72 hours but got easier. So what were the results over the 72 hours? Well I definitely felt a difference and no it wasn’t a pseudo effect because upon trying on a previously tight around the stomach area dress I had been avoiding I could see the difference so there was no denying that it must have worked.

In terms of loss I didn’t loose inches but can imagine if I had more to loose there would be more visible results.
There is no limit to the amount of wraps you do and you can leave them on longer after the first time and obviously the results will get better.

So all in all yes I would recommend them however would have to say they are not an easy fix for coach potatoes. They should be combined with exercise and a healthy diet if you want to see the real affects.

To purchase a wrap and try it for yourself you can visit HERE

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